STEP 1.- First of all you need go to and register.

STEP 2.-  You will receive and email to confirm your account, if you don’t have the email in your Inbox check the Junk/Spam folder.

STEP 3.- Once you’ve confirm your account, log in on KingdomLikes and to add your facebook photo or state you need to click on “Add Page”.

STEP 4.- Will be redirected to a form where you will enter the following data.

      Type¹ : You should select “F. Post/Photo Likes“.

      Title² : It is only to identify, could be whatever.

      Post/Photo URL³ : Here is the URL of the Photo or State that you want to get more likes on                 Facebook.

      For this to works the Post/Photo need to be public and you should have your Facebook set up to         everybody could like it, below we explain how to do that.

      CPC : The CPC(Cost Per Click) is the cost (Points) of any like you get on your Facebook

      Pictures, I mean if you put 10, each like that you get will cost 10 of your points. If the CPC is             higher, you will get the likes more quickly.

STEP 5.- ¡Important! For this to work the Post/Photo needs to be public and set up your Facebook to everybody could like your Pictures, to do that go to “Setting¹“.

STEP 6.- Click on “Followers²” and then in “Who Can Follow Me”select “Everybody³”.

STEP 7.- Then you only have to wait a few minutes to get likes on facebook photo and you need have enough Points to get all the likes than you want on your facebook profile picture.

You can get Points by two ways.

You can get Points for free by choosing some of the social networks in the “Free points” option and give likes, subscribers or views, whatever be the case, for example, if you choose “Facebook Likes” you were shown some Facebook Page, then click on the “Like” button and a popup will open, like the page or the photo and close the pop up, then the points will be added.

STEP 8.- And in a few hours we get 128 likes on our profile picture but yo can get 1000 likes on facebook photo if you want with a little more time.

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