7 Dangerous Activities Around The World That You Can Try To Beat Your Fear In 2017!

1. Downhill Mountain Biking
You must’ve definitely heard about this biking activity, but hey, have you ever thought about trying this in reality? Frankly, it is an amazing activity with a lot of excitement and fear {of course}. It is indeed a risk taking activity that involves going down the hills on a bike that features front and rear suspension with over 8 inches of travel.

2. Running with the bulls
You must’ve seen this activity in a movie called “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, remember? It is basically an eight-day festival held in Spain, Portugal and Mexico. It involves running in front of a small group of cattles in the same line. There are some obvious rules to follow and no doubt, it is one hell of a risky activity.

3. El Caminito Del Rey Trekking
You surely need a lot of guts to take on this activity before you decide to lift your feet’s from the ground. El Caminito is a walkway, pinned along the walls of a very narrow gorge in El Corro, Spain. It is said that the pathway is 110-year-old and is pretty risky to take on.

4. Big Wave Surfing
Not many can take this challenge and to be frank, Google some videos and you’ll get an idea how crazy, risky and adventurous it is. You seriously need a lot of guts to go on for this activity and hell yeah, it is dangerous.

5. Cage Dive in Shark Alley
Those who are interested into trying the underwater activities- Cage Dive is an absolute amazing and equally dangerous activity to try. Shark Alley is a hinting ground that includes massive white sharks underwater.

6. Cave Diving
It is not a normal-like diving, but in this sport, one has to go deep down the water-filled caves. It is considered as a technical type of diving and underwater it has a lot of physical features that are amazing to look out for.One might also face lot of darkness while exploring the caves and thus, it is said that cave-diving is not an easy activity.

7. Hang Gliding
It is one of the dangerous and risk-taking air-sport activities. It is an activity where the pilot flies the kite-like non-motorised aircraft called “Hang Gliding”. Nowadays, they’re made up of an aluminium alloy or a frame covered with synthetic cloth to form a wing.You need to very careful while getting down on the ground.

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