7 Tried And Tested Tips For Girls With Fine And Straight Hair

1. Do wash your hair often with good shampoo and conditioner?

Fine hair when not washed regularly or properly look more limper as fine hair get greasy easily. And that’s why they need wash after two to three days.We all know chemicals do lot of damage so check the ingredients of the shampoo before buying. Go for rice and wheat protein based shampoos as it helps to strengthen your hair. And it would be ideal if you go for good mild volumising shampoo.

2. How are you washing your hair?

Before you simply wash off your hair, make sure you massage your scalp. This helps to boost blood circulation and exfoliate the pores that have oil or sebum. Also one should keep in mind that application of conditioner should only be done on the ends and not on the roots of hair.

3. How are you brushing your hair?

It is very important for people with ultra fine hair to not comb your hair often, especially when hair is wet. Excessive brushing can lead to breakage and split ends. You should use right brush or comb as well. Soft boar and nylon bristled brush are great for fine strands as it is gentle and creates volume.

4. Get a right hair cut.

Make sure your choose right hairstyle. Lopsided long bob to layered haircut with side swept bangs are best for girls with limp hair as it gives the effect of voluminous hair. Make sure your bangs or fringes are long enough to be tucked behind the ears. Why so ? Cause the hair will get rub against forehead and that will lead to oilier and limper hair. And we tend to tussle fringes which will make it greasy and give you a tousled look.

5. Are you eating right ?

If you have weak, lifeless and thinning hair then this could be due lack of vital nutrients. Dietary shortcomings of of iron, B12, or zinc and essential fatty acids and proteins leads to thinning of hair.“If you don’t have enough protein, you can end up having hair that is dry and thinner. Protein is the building block for … keratin,” says Dr. Debra Wattenberg, a New York City dermatologist.

6. Use dry shampoo or soak up the grease.

As mentioned earlier, fine hair gets messy and oily easily. So make sure you degrease your oily hair with either dry shampoo or absorb the excess sebum with the help of paper towels or tissues. Also make sure you do not keep touching your hair or leave your hair open during travelling as this can lead to greasy hair.

7. Fake fullness.

There are many ways that stylists suggest that you can use to fake voluminous hair. One of them is color highlights and low lights. Coloring your hair will create an illusion and your thin mane will look fuller, whereas on the other hand uniform color can make hair look flat. Also you can try for bouncy waves look. Of course one should go for the damage less method that is you can try clamp free curling iron.

8.  Go for blow out.

After the shower, one can apply  volumizing mousse and allow hair to air dry  and then brush and then blow dry your hair. And to increase the staying power of the styling you must apply some dry shampoo.

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