5 Things Every Doctor’s Wife Is Tired Of Hearing

1. So do you get free treatment?

This is self-explanatory. She is a doctor’s wife and I am sure as hell that he will not ask her to pay on her way out when she needs treatment. Come on, it’s like your chef husband asking you to pay for the food he is cooking.

2. So you never have to go to a hospital?

How is it possible for one doctor to provide treatment for all health issues? What if she has bone issues and her husband is just an oncologist? Or a phyisician? I mean, a cancer doctor will not treat her bones, right? So, she has to go to other doctors too and seems like you need a psychiatrist too.

3. You must be very rich

Why? Just because her husband is a doctor doesn’t mean they are rich because some doctors make great money and others don’t. Yes, none of them are poor but they are also not the kind who spend every evening at the club or a shopping mall.

4. I have this health issue, tell me what to do

Oh God, she is not the doctor, her husband is. Also, he cannot treat all your issues just by you telling his wife about that. If you are really dealing with a health issue, why don’t you go and get treatment straight away?

5. How do you manage with his schedule?

First of all, it is none of your business to ask her how she manages with her husband’s schedule. Secondly, he is a doctor and not an astronaut who goes on space trips and she can’t contact her. She meets him daily and he works a particular shift because emergencies don’t occur every day.
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